A Quick Morning Fall/Winter Routine

Glow'rious Routine - A Quick Morning Fall/Winter Routine

Oh, how I love fall in Toronto, Canada! The change of leaves, cooler days, pumpkin spice everything, beautiful cashmere sweaters and apple picking with the family. As we may or may not know, cooler weather means a reduction in humidity and an increase of dry air...which further dries your skin. It makes the perfect recipe for skin ailments like eczema and dry, itchy skin to manifest. Regardless of your skin type, we highly recommend switching up your routine, or should we say, transition your skincare routine to a more winter/fall-friendly regimen.

As always, we stand for easy steps that are simple to maintain with products that deliver. This quick 5 step morning routine effectively hydrates your skin and locks in moisture during these dry months. The fall/winter goal is essential to keep dryness at bay, reducing signs of ageing and maintaining that healthy glow.

The Effortless Fall Skincare Routine

1.    Cleanser

We recommend the sulfate-free and gentle CTRL+ALT+DEL™ facial cleanser by Veriphy.

As temperatures drop, the humidity in the air also decreases, and this causes our skin to lose moisture to the dry air around us. The first switch in your skincare routine is a creamy cleanser that supports your skin's barrier without drying it out or stripping it of its natural oils. This one by Veriphy fits the bill. Made with hydrating ingredients (Cannabis Sativa oil, Arnica, Green Tea, and Cucumber Extracts), it works to visibly reduce the appearance of redness while soothing and calming dry skin.

2.    Toner

If you’ve never heard of the Bedew Booster Serum by Bridal Glow, you are clearly missing out!

This hydrating toner is free of harsh exfoliants and alcohol, which are extremely drying during the fall months. The soothing ingredients in its makeup are all of nature's top hydrators. They work to hydrate and lock in moisture in the skin alongside enhancing the texture of your skin. It is also anti-aging - the cranberry seed oil, in particular, helps produce collagen that keeps skin firm and supple. Quench your dry skin with this potent toner and say hello to a new dewy you.

3.    AM Serum

Switch your chemical exfoliant serum with the potent, plant-based Bulan Balancing Facial Oil by Holistick.

In the fall months, your skin could do with that extra layer of moisture. This hydrating cruelty-free serum is efficient in locking in moisture in comparison to water-based serums that you use in the summer months. This serum is very multi-purpose. Apart from moisturizing, it is rich in antioxidants and encourages cell regeneration. It deeply moisturizes skin and softens it. It also is anti-inflammatory and calms red and dehydrated, itchy skin with ease. 

4.    Moisturizer

It's a no-brainer that a heavy moisturizer needs to be part of your skincare routine in the fall. When the skin does not have ceramides, its barrier becomes compromised and results in irritation and dryness. It can further lead to other skin ailments such as eczema that are harder to treat. The Illuminating Daily Moisturizer by Glow'rious Routine restores natural hydration and glowing skin during these dry months. It effectively seals in moisture with its potent ingredients. This one is rich in ceramides, and essential fatty acids needed by the skin to maintain a protective barrier. It also carries the two best sources of Vitamin C that nature has to offer,  Arbutin and Licorice Root Extract. These two ingredients, even out the tone and texture of the skin, and protect it from the harsh rays of the sun. Its formula also contains a rejuvenating Liposomal complex that contains the plant stem cells of the rare Swiss Apple ‘Uttwiler Spatlauber'. These potent ingredients deliver multiple benefits, from anti-aging to hydrating and enhancing overall skin appearance.

5.    SPF

SPF during the fall months? Yes, you read that right! Sunscreen is not something that is reserved for summertime only. Sunscreen is a skincare essential all year round, kind of like the sun. Exposure to UV radiation without protection causes photoaging of our skin and increases the risk of skin cancer. We recommend the Zinc Sunscreen Stick by TAURAH. This mineral-based, chemical-free, zinc sunscreen is one that you will remember to put on. What we love the most about, is its easy balm-like application and travel size. Also, this little cutie is a broad-spectrum antibiotic (SPF 30) and will stop both UVA and UVB rays. Its 100% natural ingredients are effective and leave no white residues behind on your skin!

Bottom Line

So there you have it! Glow'rious Routine's simple, effective and quick fall skincare morning routine. This step-by-step routine will repair your post-summer dry skin, hydrate it, and soothes all dryness and itchiness away. With this routine, your skin will be fall-winter ready, and take whatever the weather has in store for you, head on!